Inventory Access and The Trade Desk

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Types of Inventory Available

The Trade Desk provides access to marketplace inventory, across every channel and device, including display, video, Connected TV and more.

Some of the specific inventory types that can be accessed through The Trade Desk include:

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  • Display Inventory
    This includes all standard IAB format banner ads, skyscraper ads, and other types of visual ads that are typically displayed on websites and other digital properties.
  • Native Inventory
    Native ads appear in mobile, desktop and tablet formats and are specially designed to deliver a branded message that appears as if it’s part of the site content.
  • Programmatic TV and OTT Inventory
    This includes ads that are displayed on more than 87 million connected TV devices and over-the-top (OTT) platforms. Inventory includes streaming services such as Hulu, Roku, Pluto and Fubo, as well as individual networks like Discovery, Paramount Plus, Fox and NBC.
  • Online Video Inventory
    This includes pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads that are played before, during, or after video content on websites and mobile apps.
  • Audio Inventory
    This includes audio ads on streaming platforms like Spotify and iHeart radio. It also includes placements within streaming and downloadable podcasts.
  • Digital Out-of-Home Inventory
    Digital out-of-home (DOOH) inventory includes ad placements that are displayed on digital screens in locations, such as airports, shopping malls, train stations, and other public spaces.

Advantages of using The Trade Desk

One of the key advantages of accessing inventory through The Trade Desk is the platform’s ability to access inventory from multiple ad exchanges and supply-side platforms (SSPs). This means that we are able to secure placements from a vast and diverse pool of inventory, at the most advantageous price. And when placements are required on specific publishers and programmers, we can bid on that inventory either through an extensive array of Private Marketplace contracts that are already in place with The Trade Desk, or through direct deals that then become integrated for reporting with the advertiser’s other programmatic tactics.

In addition, we are able to combine our myriad of targeting tactics, such as data audiences, demographics, location, interests, operating systems history, and more to create the most effective campaigns for our clients.

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