Working with Cross Device Media Group

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Working with Cross Device Media Group

Cross Device Media Group operates differently than most programmatic media buying partners. Because we view ourselves as extensions of our client’s media departments, we provide important benefits to agencies and their advertisers. Clients working with us can expect the following:

gesture font electric blue audio equipment event magenta advertising brand graphics logo
  • Detailed Media Plans
    Every programmatic campaign begins with a detailed media plan that outlines which targeting approach, data sets, and attribution we will use, as well as, what we expect the impression levels and cost will be for the budget provided.
  • Pass Back Guarantee
    Our media plans are designed to be the starting point.  The power of programmatic media lies in our ability to optimize to improve performance.  To the extent we are, we can more efficiently acquire inventory to beat planned CPMs. These savings are then passed back to the campaign in the form of increased impressions.
  • Granular and Expressive Reporting
    Cross Device Media has one of the most expressive and detailed reporting stacks in the industry.  Monthly reporting goes beyond basic media information to include reporting on time of day, day of week, geo, ad creative and format and more.
  • Insight and Analysis
    In addition to basic campaign stats, Cross Device Media Group provides critical insights and analysis of the campaign and its performance to help agencies and their advertisers better understand how their programs are working.
  • Agency Education and Support
    Programmatic media can be complicated and ever-changing. There’s extensive institutional knowledge and capabilities to stay on top of. Cross Device Media Group works with clients to ensure their staff are educated to always be in a position to discuss campaigns with their clients.
  • Clear and Concise Communication
    You’ll work with a team that’s available, responsive and resourceful.

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