The Trade Desk Household Graph

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Mapping 80+ Million US Households

The Trade Desk’s Household Graph is a proprietary technology that allows us to target campaigns at the household level, control frequency across channels and obtain actionable insights on cross device activity.
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The Household Graph maps all individual devices in a household and allows us to apply demographic, behavioral, and contextual targeting from multiple devices to create a more complete picture of each household. This in turn lets us target campaigns with greater precision and relevance. One of the key benefits of the Household Graph is that it allows us to reach the same household across multiple devices, ensuring that the message is consistent and relevant no matter where the household is or what device they are using. It also allows us to control the frequency of all messages across devices to help prevent message fatigue and duplicate spends. This is particularly important in today’s multi-device world, where consumers use multiple devices throughout the day, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and Connected TVs.
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The Trade Desk’s Household Graph also provides insights into how multi-channel campaigns are performing, allowing us to make optimizations and adjustments across channels to ensure that we are getting the best results possible.

The Household Graph is an important part of The Trade Desk’s technology offering, and it is a key reason why we have chosen The Trade Desk as our demand side platform.

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