Expressive, detailed reporting is a cornerstone of the Cross Device Media promise. Our reports provide full transparency and valuable insight into campaign performance. Our team uses internal reports to guide our optimization decisions, but we also provide clients with one of the industry’s most detailed post-campaign analysis package.


When it comes to reporting on your campaigns, we believe that the more informed you are about current campaigns, the more effective you’ll be in the future.  That’s why Cross Device Media provides detailed monthly reporting on key campaign parameters.  Our expressive reporting offers critical insight into overall campaign performance, and conversion details as well as breakouts by geo, time of day, day of week, device, ad format and creative.


Once a campaign is complete, we deliver detailed aggregate reporting on the campaign performance using the key performance metrics in our standard monthly reporting packages — overall performance, conversion detail, geo, time of day, day of week, device, ad format and creative.  We also provide advertisers with a post-campaign summary of insights learned, which is designed to help advertisers improve on the performance of future campaigns.


Often times, during campaigns, it’s advantageous to re-evaluate tactics and strategies in order to improve performance to key KPI’s.  In doing so, we rely on deep-dive analysis to find the factors that lie below the surface data.  These can include specific geo analysis, supply vendor comparisons, device performances, data and/or inventory sources.  Armed with an empirical case for proposed changes, we’re able to provide advertisers with actionable advice on ways to enhance performance so they can make informed decisions about their campaign.