Programmatic Media

Cross Device Media Group was founded with the goal of improving on the way programmatic media is delivered for clients. We employ the most advanced technologies, and we do it in ways that have re-written the script— pricing, service levels, tactics—all designed to propel performance and take the pain points out of delivering programmatic media.

Built upon The Trade Desk

We are power users of The Trade Desk, the industry’s premier global ad buying platform. We’ve built our business on this platform because it’s integrated with the industry’s most comprehensive data, content and compliance companies. This provides us with unparalleled levels of control and transparency and allows us to deliver high performing campaigns at the lowest possible cost.

Unique Business Model

Whether you’re an agency, or client direct, we act as your media partner. We’re not just selling blocks of impressions, we’re delivering complete campaigns that perform. And when they do, the success is poured right back into your campaign.

Hands on Keys

We do not practice black box media. While our trading platform has powerful algorithms and AI, we don’t rely on these alone. A computer assist is only as good as the people who set it in motion. That’s why all campaigns are actively monitored and optimized to stated KPI’s by industry veterans.

Detailed Plans, Expressive Reporting

Our planning process is among the most informative and detailed in the industry. Before you buy, you’ll know exactly what we plan to do and what you can expect to see. As the campaign runs, we provide the highest level of insight and analysis of both the progress and performance.

Pass Back Guarantee™

Optimization is central to the promise of programmatic media. That is why we offer clients the Pass Back Guarantee™ — when our optimizations deliver cost savings, those savings are reinvested in your campaign.

In the many years I’ve partnered with Cross Device Media, not only are they proactive in addressing our campaigns, but always there when we need them.  A thoroughly reliable media partner.

Denise Panyik-Dale
Director of Communications and Marketing - Saint Elizabeth University

I’ve worked with many media partners over the years, but none match the capabilities, expertise, planning and responsiveness of Cross Device Media. They’re available when you need them and they know programmatic audiences. 

Cheryl Buono
VP, Media - CMI/Compas

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