Paid Search

When it comes to conversion campaigns, programmatic and paid search deliver a powerful one-two punch. Cross Device Media’s Google-certified specialists are experts at creating the bottom-funnel campaigns that drive conversion efficiency

Granular Approach

We employ a granular approach to campaign setup, creative and optimization that focuses on multiple keyword strategies. This allows for more flexibility and greater control of conversion activity.

Man AND Machine

Google provides an array of “convenience tools” that many rely on to manage campaigns. But if you rely on Google’s algorithms alone, you’ll likely spend more than you need to achieve the desired results. Cross Device Media’s trading team understands the dynamics of controlling costs and delivering performance to stated KPIs.

Understanding Search Intent

Key to search performance is the critical relationship between search intent, ad copy, and landing pages. We understand this relationship and how it can influence conversion metrics. We constantly re-evaluate keywords, ad copy, and landing page content, through testing and analysis.

Integrated Approach to Search and Other Media

Each channel plays important roles in the overall funnel.  By tightly coordinating and integrating all activities, we are able to better monitor and manage the ROAS across all working media. Closely integrating advertising efforts across all channels, affords a full view into the data that can be leveraged by all.  Search and social clicks can be used for retargeting programmatic display, video and audio.  Conversion activity in search and social can be tracked across connected TV and audio channels.  We offer a unique ability to quickly and efficiently course correct to capitalize on opportunity and respond to market changes.  A hallmark of our success on your behalf relies on having an open dialog about market signals, then moving quickly to respond and react.  

I’ve worked with many media partners over the years, but none match the capabilities, expertise, planning and responsiveness of Cross Device Media. They’re available when you need them and they know programmatic audiences. 

Cheryl Buono
VP, Media - CMI/Compas

This is a partner that is clearly expert in programmatic media. As ad tech veterans, Cross Device Media Group is highly skilled in this technology, diligent and proactive in optimizing, and consistently demonstrates their acumen for performance driven acquisition campaigns.  

Dan Weil
Vice President, Client Services - PureRED

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