Optimal campaign performance requires constant, diligent optimization. During its flight, our media team actively manages each campaign with optimizations designed to improve performance to the stated KPIs. We monitor dozens of campaign parameters so that we can emphasize factors that produce success and eliminate those that don’t. And we continually allocate budgets according to market signals and the needs of the campaign. In addition to meeting our KPI targets, our ultimate goal is to beat the original plan with more impressions and a lower CPM.


Every impression is not created equal.  Depending on your campaign goals, some are more valuable than others.  That’s why we employ one of the most expressive, variable-bidding technologies to improve both efficiency and performance of each campaign.  We adjust our bidding based on over two-dozen individual parameters to make sure we’re efficiently delivering with minimal waste and maximum result. Examples of our bid factor parameters include ad format, time of day, day of week, geography, above/below the fold, device type, browser type, OS, language and categories and sites.


No matter what the targeting strategy, we continually monitor the list of sites to isolate and remove bad performers as well as identify and favor high-value sites.   We make judgements based on relevance, editorial environment, cost, CTR, and relative performance to pre-determined KPI’s.


At Cross Device Media, compliance and fraud protection are paramount.  We employ the following proprietary tools and tactics, to make certain your brand and campaign are not at risk.  These tools and tactics safeguard your campaign to ensure every dollar is spent in the most efficient and effective way.

  • Quality Alliance/Moat: These are proprietary solutions that ensure video advertising impressions are served on sites with verified large- and medium-size players. This solution ensures that your premium video is viewable, and not being served as in-banner advertising.
  • White Ops Integration: Our trading operations are completely integrated with White Ops, a leader in cybersecurity. Through this exclusive integration we employ the same techniques used during high-frequency trading in the financial markets, where every millisecond of efficiency counts. When a non-human impression, known as “Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT)” is identified by White Ops, our trading system will automatically block that impression from serving.
  • Bot Avoidance:  Our pre-bid Bot Avoidance solutions actively block non-human and invalid traffic.
  • DoubleVerify Post-Impression Verification tools:  Independently of our primary trading platform, we utilize DoubleVerify’s IQPA post-buy verification platform. This allows us to track our delivered impressions and independently verify the validity and effectiveness of our compliance tools.
  • Brand Safety: We deploy a number of different pre-bid solutions to help ensure your ads run in brand-safe environments. These are provided by industry leading companies, including DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Science.