Media Options

Cross Device Media leverages media across the entire spectrum of Internet connected devices.  We target desktops, tablets, mobile devices and connected TVs with an expansive lineup of creative formats.

Display ads are the building blocks of most campaigns. They run within the confines of a site and can take many forms depending on the creative direction for the campaign. We serve all standard IAB sizes plus a variety of high-impact ad formats, including half-page (300×600) and billboard (970×250).

Advertisers may choose to have all creatives served by Cross Device Media so that they can centralize reporting, maintain control over creatives, identify impression discrepancies with partners, or otherwise take advantage of single-server options. We can also accept tags from other ad servers. Regardless of how the display ads are served, Cross Device Media provides a high degree of quality delivery through both diligent human intervention and a full suite of monitoring and pre-bid compliance tools.

Cross Device Media offers a full complement of digital video advertising, including pre-roll, mid-roll, out stream and connected TV for both :15 and :30 ad units. As with display, advertisers can choose to supply tags from other ad servers. However, the full power to optimize video to completion rates, leverage our pre-bid quality compliance tools, and centralize reporting, is best leveraged when video is hosted by Cross Device Media.

When it comes to quality delivery of video advertising, Cross Device Media offers advertisers an unparalleled peace of mind. We offer unique targeting options that allow us to assure high viewability by delivering ads only to those sites with medium and large players, essentially removing in-banner video posing as pre-roll. We offer the option to serve skippable and non-skippable ads, with or without companion static creative. We provide insight into ad starts as well as percent completion.

Connected TV and OTT — advertising on the big screen in living rooms and in premium content apps on desktop and tablets — are the fastest growing segments of the programmatic media environment.

We offer access to the most comprehensive lineup of Connected TV and OTT programming. Our Premium TV capabilities leverage the nations’ largest household graph to offer the unparalleled ability to micro-target based on audience composition, interests, demographic and a host of other data-based targeting.

Consumers are spending more and more time on mobile devices. Cross Device Media offers advertisers the tactics and tools to reach their audiences when they’re engaged in content on tablets and mobile devices. Our inventory includes mobile web, mobile app, display, video, native, audio, interstitial, and interactive rich media (MRAID/HTML5).

Our mobile targeting capabilities leverage industry leading integrated partners.  Using audience and contextual segments we’re able to target and optimize on key variables such as ad environment, device type, carrier, operating system and language. Our brand safety options filter unwanted traffic and serve ads in brand safe environments.

Using AdSquare and Factual, two of the industry’s leading geo-location partners, we offer both standard geo and hyperlocal targeting.

In all, Cross Device Media’s mobile offerings leverage nearly three dozen in-app inventory suppliers, over two-dozen data providers and four cross-device targeting partners.

Newsletters are an essential part of many publisher’s relationship with consumers. Publishers from the New York Times to Epicurious provide daily, weekly and monthly editions to their subscribers. These publications are highly targeted and represent high-engagement environments for advertisers. Cross Device Media offers an extensive inventory of publisher newsletters that accept standard display ads.

Native ads are a paid form of advertising where the creative is formatted to blend with the surrounding content. Native ads appear in many different environments from news to social media sites. They appear in mobile, desktop and tablet formats and are specially designed to deliver a branded message that appears as if it’s part of the site content. Native encompasses six core formats—in-feed native ads, paid search units, recommendation widgets, promoted listings, in-ad units with native elements and custom units.

Cross Device Media has among the most robust native placement capabilities, with inventory from nearly a dozen leading native inventory suppliers. We offer easy-to-scale executions, with the full array of cross device targeting and optimization capabilities. Insights are delivered through our robust omnichannel reporting and post-campaign analysis.

Cross Device Media lets you extend your radio campaigns with digital radio streaming and pure-play audio options. We currently integrate with Spotify, Triton, AdsWizz, TargetSpot and SoundCloud to deliver digital audio ads to dozens of online stations and groups, including Entercom, Alpha Media, iHeart, TuneIn, CBS, Bloomberg Radio, ESPN Radio, Cumulus, Lite FM, and MLB radio. Podcast pavement on PodWave, Podcast One, HowStuffWorks, and Blogtalkradio is also available.

With our suite of features, you can target audio ads to relevant geos, time slots, and audiences, retarget users who have listened to your ad, and report out on all metrics to better understand how this channel works within your larger strategy. Non-skippable ads are played in brand-safe environments for up to :15, :30 or :60.