Campaign Optimization

Every campaign we run is actively and diligently optimized to stated KPIs. Unlike other providers, we do not run a black box operation and have a team of dedicated traders who are actively involved in your campaigns on a daily basis. 

We have a detailed process for standard optimizations.  We perform campaign deep dives to discover and isolate factors that are working and those that are not. These analyses are critical to delivering the superior performance that our clients have come to expect. 

Each targeting tactic is carefully monitored to assess its performance relative to goals and other tactics.  We look at pricing, pacing, and performance to determine which tactics to favor and which need work.
•Site List Reviews
•Inventory Analysis
•Ad Group Performance
•Actions & KPIs

We are constantly fine-tuning delivery to match user behavior to the successful dayparts and bid factoring specific time slots to improve efficiency.
•Time of Day
•Day of Week
•Data Utilization
•Ad Formats
•Ad Environments

Specific targeting tactics and media are constantly evaluated to improve performance.  

During the course of the campaign, we perform in-depth audits and performance explorations designed to identify trends, relationships and opportunities that may be hidden within the data.