Bid Factor Technology Enables More & Better Optimizations

Bid Factor Multiplier Optimization

Our trading platform is built on a unique technology that allows for optimization on discrete parameters.  It lets us micro-bid adjustments so our traders can easily emphasize, deemphasize, or entirely remove specific factors to improve campaign performance — without having to split ad groups and budgets.  

Manual Line Item Optimization 

Other trading systems are built on legacy IponWebsystem, which is the original programmatic technology.  With these older systems, optimization requires building out line item of ad groups.  It is a laborious and time intensive process.   

Why it Matters:  If something takes too much effort, it doesn’t get done.

The Practical Proof of Bid Factor Performance

The value of Bid Factoring can be seen in expansive campaigns with multiple targeting tactics. In this case, we had 12 ad groups. Those ad groups each had 168 different departs (24 hours x 7 days), which produces 2,016 different optimization options. Optimizing to discrete time periods using anything but bid factor technology would have required manually splitting ad groups and re-allocating budgets. Our trading team was able to examine the time of day and day of week for each of the 12 ad groups and micro optimize to success. The results can be seen in the chart below — a 600% lift in CTR.