Advantages of The Trade Desk

Our trading platform, The Trade Desk, is considered the most advanced ad tech on the market.  This technology, delivers tangible benefits for us and our clients as it allows us to:

Armed with the most advanced forecasting and planning tools we are able to more accurately project audience size, scale and delivery parameters.  This allows us to provide greater insight into the anticipated scope and cost of campaigns.

As the de-facto leader in independent ad buying platform, The Trade Desk offers access to the industry’s most extensive inventory selection.  As the most powerful bidding platform, it also assures that we are accessing the best of that inventory

Knowledge is power when it comes to trading.  We have real-time and highly granular views into the data from every campaign.  This plethora of data points offer troves of valuable information about how consumers are interacting with campaigns.  This allows us to chart a more successful course for every campaign. 

The unique bid factor technology provides more sophisticated, elegant and easy means of optimizing on granular bid parameters.  This means our trading teams can cover more ground and effect more changes in a campaign than other teams that are using line-item-based bidding systems.  The result is more optimizations, better performance and lower costs for our advertisers.

We have the unique ability to report on each of the grains that we use to manage a campaign.  This allows us to provide our advertisers with the industry’s most expressive campaign reporting.