Choosing A Media Partner

The programmatic media services landscape can be confusing and choosing a partner can have enormous implications for your bottom line.  When examining your options, it’s important to understand some of the factors that can mean all the difference in finding the right partner.

Depth and breadth of offerings — What media and device delivery are they providing?

Many providers offer single-device or single media options.  For example, they may only offer Mobile delivery, or only provide Video or Native advertising.  The most capable providers are omni-channel, and omni-media.  That’s because today’s online media environment is fluid and often unpredictable.  Users, not advertisers, dictate where and on what device they prefer to consume content.  Only an omni-channel, omni-media provider can offer the efficiencies, flexibility and cross-channel options that make campaigns successful.

Cross Device Media buys all content types on every connected device.

Media Planning Capabilities — What is the base service that you are getting from your digital media provider?

Most providers are commodity based, committing to provide a block of impressions, and that’s all.  They may be using data or applying a geography to purchase the media on your behalf but the primary product they deliver is a set volume of impressions.

Cross Device Media offers more than just impressions.  We provide a comprehensive, expertly planned approach to meeting campaign goals.  This includes media planning and impression delivery.  It also includes active optimization to goals, as well as comprehensive analysis and insights into the campaign results.

Experience — How long have the people on your account been working in programmatic media?

Programmatic media is not for amateurs. It requires professional discipline, a range of expert capabilities, and an understanding of how campaigns respond to optimizations.  If your Account Executive and their trading teams are not seasoned veterans, chances are your campaigns will underperform.

Cross Device Media’s senior team members have been working in this media since the advent of programmatic ad buying and the account and trading teams are all digital media veterans.

Reporting Depth and Transparency — What’s the level of detail and insight you can expect on your campaigns?

How your campaign performed should never be a state secret.  And the real story of a campaign’s performance is invariably in the details.

That’s why Cross Device Media provides one of the most detailed reporting packages in the industry.  When most platforms are only providing summary data of impressions and clicks, Cross Device provides in-depth, expressive reporting on  all aspects of the campaign— from ad performance, to time of day/day of week, to geographic breakouts.

Pricing Models — How do your vendors price media?

Standard operating procedure is to sell a fixed number of impression at a set cost per thousand.  When the allowed impressions are run, the campaign is shut down and the advertiser is billed for exactly what was pre-determined.  These vendors are adding little value, and you’re essentially paying for access.

Cross Device Media pegs impression delivery to the cost of purchased media.  Our job is to deliver the greatest volume of verified, compliant, and brand safe impressions at the lowest cost.  When we’re successful, we return the savings to you in the form of additional media.  Advertisers win, and our agency partners look like heroes.  

Compliance Tools? — What tools are being used to ensure brand safety, bot avoidance and click fraud?

With so many rapid transactions inherent in real time bidding, there are ways that bad actors can game the system and take advantage of less diligent traders.  It’s imperative that every media partner you work with is able to articulate their anti-fraud policy, practices, and technologies.

Cross Device Media leverages all the technology based solutions available.  We employ industry leading pre-bid solutions to ensure inventory quality, bot avoidance, and brand safety.  In addition, we diligently cull site lists and blacklist publishers who’s inventory, pricing, and/or impression quality do not meet our strict standards.

Underlying technology — What platform is the company using to execute and optimize your media buys?

When it comes to programmatic, platforms matter:  not all platforms are equally effective.  There are both technical considerations and business practices that should be taken into account.  If the system works on line-item bidding, then your campaigns will be less efficient.  If the platform represents both publisher and advertiser contracts, then you’re likely paying more than you need to for the media.

Cross Device Media employs the most powerful, independent buy-side platform on the market.  This allows us to optimize to multiple factors at once, and bid across supply vendors and devices.  What’s more, the platform does not represent publishers, so there are no conflicting interests to artificially inflate the price we pay for media.