Case Study: Mobile App Installs

Promoting Downloads for a Startup Android Phone App


Android mobile phones have classically simple base functionality. The Call Assistant App was designed to add features like spam blocking and caller ID as well as advanced call handling, messaging and voicemail transcriptions. In short, it makes an Android phone act like an iPhone. It does have some limitations, namely its advanced features only work with newer phone models and certain phone carriers.

Our Challenge

Stretch an extremely limited budget to maximize app installs.

What We Did

Employing an array of our advanced targeting capabilities — targeting by mobile phone make, model, and phone carrier, we crafted campaigns that would only serve to people who can technically use the app. Once we had sufficient data from the campaign, we aggressively optimized to the discrete audiences and environments that produced the highest proportion of app installs.

The KPIs

Success was measured by the cost of app installs.


Within a week, the cost per install dropped by over $700. After 6 weeks, the cost per install was $24.95 — a 97% reduction. Additionally, prior to turning to Cross Device Media, App Flyer was relying on social media advertising. After switching to Cross Device Media, the uninstall rate for the app dropped by over 40%, further validating the effects of highly salient targeting.