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We plan and purchase media on a local, regional, and/or national basis, employing an objectives based approach that matches the intended messages with media best suited to achieve our client’s stated goals. We are media agnostic and develop media strategies that will achieve the greatest appropriate exposure at the lowest cost. Let the Cross Device Media group show you how to improve the effectiveness and reach of your campaigns.

We started this business with one simple observation: Advertisers were not getting what they needed from the current gang of digital media suppliers.

It seemed to us that there were few, if any, companies that applied media planning principles to the new digital environments. Their interest was to do the least amount of work to move large volumes of impressions, then leave it to the advertisers to figure out what worked and what didn’t.

We saw a better way. As media veterans with experience in all facets of the business, from publishers, to ad tech to agency media environments, we saw the value in providing a digital media partnership that’s based on performance, trust and transparency.

Simply put, our job is to deliver the maximum number of verified, compliant impressions at the lowest possible cost. And do so in ways that serve the client’s interests and advance their business goals. Where others see their job end with a negotiated CPM, we see ours just beginning. Where others do their best to obfuscate the details of campaign performance, we seek expressiveness and transparency in campaign reporting. And where others are content with a black box approach to delivery, we go out of our way to make sure campaigns are verifiably running in quality, vetted and brand-safe environments.

We’re governed by where the insights and results take us: the only agenda that matters is yours. Its a formula that has made Cross Device Media one of the most trusted and respected digital media companies in the market today.


Paul Audino
Founder, Cross Device Media Group

Paul has spent his entire career in media, working across all major markets with the country’s largest brands at both client side and agency holding companies. Prior to founding Cross Device Media, Paul was SVP of National Sales at DoubleVerify, the company that put brand safety verification on the map, and Vistar Media, the first programmatic location based OOH network co-founded by former Google veterans. His breadth of ad tech sales and marketing experience, spans analytics, ad networks, mobile, ad verification and compliance, TV, and telecom. Paul’s other passions include spending time with his family, tennis, cycling, art and aviation.

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Richard Petralia
Managing Director, Media Operations

Richard leads the media operations team at Cross Device Media Group. With over 25 years in media, advertising and marketing, in both traditional and digital media, Richard brings a unique perspective to the group. Richard was one of the early adopters of Programmatic Advertising, successfully executing and managing campaigns across categories, including – but not limited to – Pharma, Retail, Finance, Food, Travel & Tourism, Service Providers, Home Furnishings, B2B, EDU, Entertainment and Gaming. Richard’s other passions include coaching competitive youth soccer, fly-fishing and spending time with his family.

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Michelle Snyder
VP Media

Michelle leads the daily planning, buying and optimization team for Cross Device Media. Drawing on over 20 years of media planning and buying, Michelle bridges the gap between clients media goals with the targeting and optimization capabilities of the industry’s most sophisticated ad platform. Michelle is an avid distance runner – she also enjoys skiing, boating and reading.

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Jennifer Casola
Director of Client Services

As Manager of Analytics & Consumer Insights, Jenn leads the team with an intense passion for defining the story behind the data. With an early start in account management, media planning and buying for regional, national and international clients, Jenn’s focus has always been hands on and customer facing, making her a valuable team player. Jenn enjoys spending time with her family and reading books. She can often be found volunteering her time and efforts to local events and organizations.

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Holly Detels
VP Media Strategist

Holly has been part of the evolution of the media landscape for 20+ years starting in New York and moving to the Pacific Northwest 15+ years ago. She has experience in a breadth of categories including, financial, CPG, fashion, travel and entertainment, to name a few. Holly’s passion is in the marrying of programmatic technology with media strategy and consumer insights to drive both best outcomes and gain insight for the next campaign. She just doesn’t believe in status quo! Outside work, Holly loves watching her daughter on the volleyball court, walks with her mutt, reality television (yes, owning up!) and listening to a mix of political and comedy podcasts.

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